Ride Sharing for Churches Launch Day 🎉🎉🎉


Steven Grant

Steven on March 4th, 2019

Excited and nervous to get Chariot up and running today. 

I've always found releasing anything publicly to be somewhat of a nerve wracking experience, more so when it's a thing that people are relying on and paying for.

Software is never perfect, there are always ways to make things better, but, if you don't ship - you'll never get there.

So, from today - your church or community group can setup a simple ride sharing platform. 

What's Next

The plan is to keep an eye on things over the coming weeks before I start to look at feature enhancements.

Right now, Chariot is only serving the UK and US market but if you're outside of those zones, get in touch and we can get your country on there too.

One main thing I'd love to do is replace Slack with a native mobile app and therefore the reliance on a third-party for a core feature of the platform. That's easier said than done though as it'll mean learning a new language (there's only so many hours in the day after Zaengle work).

As usual, if you'd like a demo or help getting Chariot running. Please feel free to email me directly.

Need more info about Chariot?

Schedule a call with me and I'll take you through how Chariot works and how your church can start using it.