Public Launch


Steven Grant

Steven on January 24th, 2019

After a lot of testing and some late night development sessions lately. Chariot is almost ready for prime time.

We initially wanted to launch in January but an eye infection in early December and then Christmas season, got in the way of that plan.  

The system works and is actively being used by 2 churches.

We could wait until we had everything completely polished but we'd never launch, so, with that in mind, we're publicly committing to launching Chariot on Monday 4th March 2019.

There are still a few things left on the todo list but ultimately nothing that's going to prevent people from using Chariot itself.

We're ever so grateful for our beta testers but a special shout out to Mike Mobley at Austin Life Church. 

When I first hopped on a Facetime call with Mike back in August/September last year, his enthusiasm around this little app I built for Harvest Glasgow was infectious enough to convince me to build a platform that other churches could leverage. That and also his dedication around testing new features (and finding interesting timezone bugs).

So, Mike 🙏🏼

Everyone else, spread the word. Your Chariot awaits.

Need more info about Chariot?

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