Chariot's Technology Stack


Steven Grant

Steven on December 14th, 2018

This is probably not that interesting for most folks that will use Chariot (either as a guest, driver or even admin)  but may be of interest to whoever runs your website.

Chariot is a hosted web service powered by PHP and JavaScript. 

Specifically we're using the popular Laravel framework.

Within Laravel, we communicate with the Slack API to communicate with your driver pool and also with the Nexmo SMS API to alert your guests as to who will be collecting them and the car that will be picking them up.

On the payment side, we use the world-class Stripe platform. This means that we don't store customer card details on any of our internal systems. Instead, the encryption and handling of that important information is handled by Stripe who are specialists in that area.

To keep subscribers up to date with service developments, we're currently using Mailchimp although we may come to revisit this in time.

On the front-end of things, our marketing site is powered by Statamic  - a totally awesome flat-file content management system (also built on the Laravel framework).

Our JavaScript widget for the Chariot service utilises Vue.js - a first-in-class JavaScript library.

The CSS for the marketing site and the app uses Tailwind CSS

If your team would like any other information about our tech stack, please feel free to email me directly at [email protected] and I'll be happy to jump on a call and talk about specifics.

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